Discover the moments that have made the Bahari club such a magical place. As you can see, we love the weddings and we understand that each couple wants a different celebration. That’s why our team listens and advises the couple before the ceremony. Scroll down to know real experiences and comments …


Miscellaneous supplements for different ceremonies. Feast or apetizers. Tell us what you would like to do and our team will offer you a customized proposal. Let’s start this adventure together!


Discover the possibilities we can offer you and he fantastic places where you can celebrate the wedding: on our terrace, on the beach, or in some emblematic area of ​​the zone, such as the Calella’s Lighthouse.

Real Experiences


Decorations, parties, animations, flowers … we create a unique atmosphere for each wedding. Qualified professionals with many years of experience in the events fields are our partners


The best option for an original wedding

Without a doubt, the best option we could have chosen. The place is perfect, the decoration was subtle and spectacular. Very elegant, they took care of all the details. The person in charge, Tania, organized the event with total professionalism and delicacy. Thanks to her we were able to enjoy the happiest day of our lives. She and her team understood perfectly what we were looking for and even went further, exceeding our expectations. The food, in our case, was pica-pica, it was delicious and everyone did not stop praising the quality of the dishes. In addition, the space was more than adequate to be with the guests, to talk and dance, with all the privacy and better views. In short, we did not have to worry about anything, the service was fast and excellent.


Banquet and dream party, excellent professional crew

It was our first visit and we stayed with them without hesitation. Tania, who was responsible for these events, gave us so much confidence and peace that we did not doubt it. During the process up to day B, we always felt helped and supported by her at all times, giving us ideas and suggestions that perhaps we, due to lack of experience, had not taken into account or seen. The day of the wedding it rained all day and we decided on a plan B, a plan that was not carried out because in the end time respected us, but there was in case of climatic catastrophe. That day couldn't be more perfect, the kindness and professionalism not only of Tania, but of the whole team was exquisite. If I had to repeat the experience of starting to organize it again, it would be the option I would choose without a doubt. It's a very welcoming place and the human value of the Bahari team makes it even better. I always recommend it. We can only thank all of them for making it perfect.


¡Without a doubt, the very best choice!

We got married last July 6th and to say it was perfect is an understatement. From the place that is spectacular and very comfortable, the kitchen that was all delicious and was a success with all the guests, but we will emphasize the help and organization of Tania, which treated us with such affection from the beginning, helping us to make our day as we wished or better. Thank you very much, you are wonderful! As our wedding staff, all the team was professional and charming, but especially Alfonso and Mou. Thank you so much for being so attentive to us and making it so easy and fun. Bahari Club is not only recommended 100%, but you feel at home, so the bride and groom could enjoy our wedding without worrying about anything and our guests felt taken care of at all times. Joan and I, Isis, will take you in our memory and every year we will relive our wedding by going to see you and enjoy your food, company and Mou's cocktails. Thank you very much, team, for helping us never to forget our day! Joan and Isis.  


If I get married again it will be there

Two months before the wedding date we were left without a restaurant, at Baharí Club, they adapted perfectly to our date and time. The collaboration was total, looking first for the menu that fits us with our price and desire. There we also did the ceremony, on the beach. We were able to celebrate the wedding we had in mind, even better. Excellent food, privileged situation. The staff from the first day attentive to our requests, the treatment of all was exquisite. Thanks to them we had the wedding we wanted. If I remarry, it will be there, with the same boyfriend clear.


Very good experience

I loved the treatment, the great food, the atmosphere very well, everything was perfect.



A very professional team, spectacular food, perfect service and very careful. They facilitated all our requests. To Tania, I have no words to describe it, a charm of a woman, 100% delivered, very organized and aware of every detail.


Familiar celebration prepared with lots of love

We celebrated our wedding on October 13, 2018. The attention and advice we received from Tania (deputy director of the Hotel BernatII, to which the Bahari belongs) were exceptional! He gave us many good ideas, such as doing the ceremony at the Calella Lighthouse (brutal) and accompanying the guests, (in our case there were no more than 70 people), from the hotel to the Lighthouse with the Tourist Carrilet. Both the ceremony at the Lighthouse (decorated by Espacio Creativo-Mónica Vilanova), as well as the train ride, the attention by the service and the menu served at the Bahari was an experience for which our guests still congratulate us now (and it was raining pitchers). Do not doubt the professionalism of the Bahari. Everything was excellent. We would definitely repeat it! Thank you very much for everything, Tania. JL & L


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